My Powerful Birth
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A Prenatal Program like no other

You Deserve To Be The Center Of Attention

My Powerful Birth Program is here to take out the guess work for what is right for you. We remind you who is the one growing and birthing your baby. We focus on you & your partner (if you have one) so that you are heard, listened to and respected. We quickly get down to what matters to you, and how to take steps that will positively impact your birth. We do all this without more stress, interventions, and struggle. 

Most pregnancy classes give you information and expect you to watch listen and learn. You may attend the class in person, or watch videos online. If you are feeling like there has got to be more, then you are right! There is a BIG difference between being taught about birth vs. discovering what is right for you, and your baby!

You Are A Pregnant and you want to have an amazing birth, safely while avoiding unnecessary interventions, and remain connected.

You already know you want to have a great birth. Yet, it seems impossible, and it doesn't have to be. 


You will have a Foundation to what is right for you.  

You see the importance of the choices you are making right now, and how they will impact your birth.

You will build confidence and Clarity


Birth in a place where you feel safe, powerful and surrounded by people who believe in YOU.  

You are confident in your choices, and know how to voice your opinions, concerns and wishes.  

Your birth is powerful, amazing and both you and your partner command the space.  


Spend the early days caring for each other with love, ease and confidence.

Have a Village that supports you (even if you don't know anyone in your area right now) So that you can nurture your baby, and your partner can nurture you.  

This allows you both to return to your passions, your work, your relationship with ease and love. 


But what if this is my first baby? Or I had a traumatic birth and fearful to do it again? 

In My Powerful Birth, we give you the tools to easily decide what is right for you, even if you have never given birth before, you are upset about past births, or you have an unsupportive Care Provider. You are always the expert of yourself and your baby. You will have the tools to portray that comfortably and confidently.

Here you get to release your fears and gain your confidence. You will gain clarity on what is right for YOU and you will have support along the way. You can transition into parenthood feeling supported, having your village and know that you are in control.  

What is My Powerful Birth Anyway?

This is where we will dive deep into what you want you want your birth to look like and why it's so important to plan powerfully for life as a parent. My Powerful Birth is a class that is boldly unappologetic by sharing choices and having people discover for themselves what is the right way to bring their baby into this world. We focus on undisturbed birth with no or litte interventions.


  • How to introduce confidence, calm & enjoyment to your birth, without fear or doubt taking over  
  • How a powerful birth can positively impact your emotional, sexual, mental, financial, physical & parenting life  
  • The right questions to ask, even when you haven't read every book  
  • A foundation to physiological birth, which allows for more choice 
  • That your birth experience can be fulfilling, not just something to survive  
  • A birth team that is enrolled in your birth & willing to support your every request  
  • Clarity to what choices, interventions & screenings are right for your unique pregnancy & birth  
  • Power in any situation, including a cesarean birth  
  • A plan for the early days at home with baby, and getting to know your new family dynamics  
  • How to rest with baby after birth, even if you already have children, or don't know anyone in your area  


  • You must be willing to challange your current ideas of birth and explore new options. 
  • You must be willing to commit to your health and happiness.  
  • You must be ready for a new type of prenatal class with an instructor who isn't afraid of swearing, laughing, connecting, crying and talking about the difficult stuff

Much of what you will discover, in this program is that you have a deep ingrained knowledge of what is right for you, and after you learn a bit, you have more questions... all of which adds to your confidence in what is right for you. I know you are ready to enter Parenthood stepping into a bigger game in life, all which involves transformation and love! And I am sure, I can help.  


Be clear on your choices, and why they are important. Create intentions that will take you powerfully through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 


Improve outcomes with a few simple steps.

Birth Foundation

When you have the knowledge of how physiological birth works, you can decide on what is truly right for you. Be confident that you are making the right choices for your body, your baby & your birth.

Partner Power

The importance of support. Partners have an integral job in pregnancy and birth. They too, get to make choices, and discover how can be kick a$$ at supporting you in birth! 

Building a Village

Have the best team to help you achieve the birth you want. This can include prenatal care, at the birth and life at home with a newborn. Being supported by the right people allows for ease & love to be present. 

Postpartum Power

Life with a newborn. Have the best early days connecting and bonding with your baby as a family. 

Full Series Langley $399  


Fall Series Begins September 16 6:15-9:15 Mondays September 16,23,30, Oct 7  

Full Series West Vancouver $399


Fall Series Begins October 8 Tuesdays 6-9 pm October 8,15,22,19

Contact me to Learn from anywhere in the world! 

About Michelle Tyliakos


 Michelle Tyliakos is a Doula, Birth Mentor, mother of 4 and wife to an amazing husband of 16 years. She works with expectant couples to avoid unnecessary interventions and experience a birth that is both empowering and magical. Her sense of fulfillment comes from busting myths about birth, seeing couples thrive and having them recovering at home nurturing their baby, while being nurtured by their village.  

She has personally experienced miscarriage, Postpartum Depression, hospital and home birth. She had births that were defeating and births that transcended power, love and profound transformation. Between each of her pregnancies she researched and examined birth and questioned 'what could birth be like, and why don't women know more about their choices?' Since her Doula and Childbirth Educator Certification she attends births locally, speaks at events and shares her experiences on National Radio and podcasts. She is especially proud of co-founding In Our Hearts. Now with international locations, the meetings create community and connection through pregnancy loss, abortion, miscarriage and neonatal death.  

Michelle has spent hundreds of hours coaching people through various life changing moments and is now focused on women around the world who want to create the birth and life they desire through the My Powerful Birth Program. Her belief is that true informed consent and intuition will allow couples to determine their own ideas, power and transformation.  

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